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We are enjoying our BlueStar range on a daily basis and always receive compliments on its appearance."

Steve Irey - Redding, CA

Owner of a BlueStar 48” Freestanding Gas Range with a Griddle (RNB486GSS)

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Published: November 30, 2010



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I'm a formally educated interior designer and a certified energy auditor. My first passion is definitely design, but my conscience drives me to consider energy conservation wherever possible. The audits I perform provide direct energy efficiency recommendations and my design suggestions always have environmental sustainability in mind. Some design materials are easier to acquire locally than others. I've featured Philadelphia regional tile makers, paint manufacturers, wood craftspeople, furniture designers, and many others, but appliances present a formidable challenge. So you can imagine my excitement when I discovered that BlueStar manufactures residential pro-style ranges in 190 standard colors and 23,000 custom colors! The best part of all is that they're manufactured in Reading, PA!!

A few years ago an Iron Chef America producer requested BlueStar ranges and ovens for the program set. The producer owned BlueStar equipment and was impressed with the quality. After two successful seasons, the ranges have held up to intense use and continue to perform under professional demands. Not only are BlueStar ranges, cook tops, and ovens restaurant grade but their wide array of colors make your kitchen much more unique than the ubiquitous stainless steel conformity. Of course BlueStar offers stainless steel as well, but don't you want a colorful kitchen that will make your foodie friends turn 17 shades of green with envy? That happens to be how many available standard greens I counted on the BlueStar website.

Color options extend to appliance doors, knobs, and detailing. Further customization can be applied to overall size, burner configuration, grill types, and trim and door styling. I should mention that this array of options makes an interior designer glow with glee; originality is our ambition. BlueStar's quality, customizability, customer service, and proximity to Philadelphia make it a terrific choice for your kitchen upgrade. Hurray for tiny carbon footprints; good for me and good for a tree!.

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