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Incredible Range."

Norm Lionberger - Belton, MO

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 60" FreeStanding Gas Range

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"I am enjoying my BlueStar range top immensely. After 40 years of Chinese cooking, the BlueStar's 22,000 BTU of firepower has given me the the true *wok hay* ("Breath of the Wok") experience. I am thrilled. I have never cooked on anything like this before, and I will never go back to anything less."

Marc Cohen - Seattle, WA

Owner of a BlueStar 30" Rangetop

"Simply beautiful! Our red BlueStar double-ovens are the showpiece of our kitchen. Everyone stops and stares when they enter the space. I also LOVE my BlueStar cooktop. I now have a perfect sear on Filet Mignon and was able to make the best Scallops ever! Thank you!"

Karen Mantoen - Orange, CA

Owner of Braun Rot, BlueStar 30" Double Wall Oven and a 36" Drop-in Cooktop

"Great for stir fry, recommend all serious Chinese cooks to have one. Even my professional chef friends love it when they come cooking at my home."

Grace Trieu - Newton, MA

Owner of a BlueStar RCS 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"Yippee! I just ordered my second Blue Star RNB. I own a 30" RNB in a home in Wisconsin. I've had that for two years, and it is a workhorse and looks as good as the day I bought it. I did exhaustive product research before buying BlueStar. I focus on reliability and functionality instead of talk-show celebrity endorsements. This product hands down beats the competition. So, since we are moving to South Dakota, my new kitchen has to have a BlueStar range. So, Blue Star #2 will soon be on the way. Thanks for an outstanding product."

Laura Dickinson Lee - Aberden, SD

Owner of a Blue, BlueStar RNB 30" and a StainlessSteel RNB 36" Gas Wall Oven

"I designed my entire kitchen around my wall oven. I wanted an oven that would accomodate a commercial cookie sheet and this one does that and so much more plus the color is beautiful. It cooks breads and cookies beautifully and evenly. Next on my list...the BlueStar range."

Sue Lawless - Severna Park, MD

Owner of a Red, BlueStar 30" Gas Wall Oven

"Before my kitchen reno, I’d read a lot of BlueStar forum blogs. Most of them seemed to basically say the same thing, mainly that if you’re looking for a rugged, commercial- type range, then look no further. Now that I own one, I agree that it has proven itself to be the best part of my kitchen. I especially appreciated what they had to say about wok cooking. Again, they were right – by removing the top grate on the hottest burner and utilizing the resultant concave, perfect conditions are created for wok cooking. I am the envy of my family and friends!"

Richard Lang - Vancouver Island, British Columbia

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"I was able to fire up my shiny new BlueStar for the first time yesterday, and I can't thank you enough. Everyone who I spoke/emailed with at BlueStar has been outstanding with fantastic and friendly service, and the entire experience has really been top-notch. The stove itself really is an amazing piece of machinery. My contractor, who had never heard of BlueStar, couldn't stop talking about how nice it was, and I think that may have turned him into a future customer as well. My 2 year old daughter walked into the kitchen and saw it for the first time and just said "cool!". She obviously has excellent taste."

Pete Carpenter - Beltmont, MA

Owner of a BlueStar RNB 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"The most amazing range by far! Genuine restaurant taste... I love it."

Rosalia Ricci - Brantford, Ontario

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"Incredible range. We chose this stove because it's the only one we could find that would accommodate full sized sheet pans in both ovens. We love the burners and grill, too."

Norm Lionberger - Belton, MO

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 60" FreeStanding Gas Range

"This is the absolutely best present my husband ever bought for me!! It's a joy to use and I love the power!! We call it our Alter to the Kitchen Gods."

Susan Lasko - New Egypt, NJ

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"I love my BlueStar. The amazing fire power is unbelievable. If you do a lots of stir fry like me, you got to have one. "

Billy Yuan - San Leandro, CA

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"Great range. Best burners and oven we've ever used."

Wayne Marshall - Bakersfield, CA

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"We didn't enjoy the kitchen remodel (4 months without a kitchen is tough) but it was absolutely worth it to have the use of our new BlueStar range. We LOVE it!! It was number one on the priority list when we remodeled and we have no regrets. It is wonderful to cook on and has allowed me to experiment with recipes and techniques that an electric range just couldn't offer."

Carolyn Walko - Littleton, NH

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RNB 36" FreeStanding Gas Range

"I am absolutely loving my new 30" RCS BlueStar range! I first heard about Garland from Julia Child who told me she preferred her old Garland to any other stove. Then, when the 3rd electronic control panel in 2 years went out on my "brand x" gas range, Internet shopping research led from Garland to BlueStar. Luckily a local Appliance Dealer had a 36" RNB on display and live Demos were available in both San Francisco and Redwood City. Watching the superb open burner performance from simmer to sizzle, ease of drip tray clean-up, huge oven capacity and the fantastic Infrared broiler in action sealed the deal. I couldn't wait to call my local dealer from my car on the trip home and confirmed my order. Had a wonderful installer who followed BlueStar's manual exactly. He was very impressed with the quality of the range - said it was the finest he'd installed in 30 years of experience. Can't say enough about my BlueStar's performance: It's been in 3 days and I've slow-cooked Polenta, simmered both Bolognese and Bearnaise sauces, broiled steaks, baked a delicate custard rice pudding, and this morning baked Blueberry muffins with the largest crowns I've ever gotten. I look forward to many more perfect meals for my family which can range from 4-6 or 12-18 folks on a weekly basis. Thanks s million to Prizer-Painter for making BlueStar's restaurant quality available to home chefs."

Laurie Colton - Walnut Creek, CA

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RCS 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

“I love my BlueStar. Everything cooks faster and tastes better. People who come into my kitchen compliment this stove. They love the color!!! Love the grates, they never look dirty!”

Robin Piccolo - Chester, NJ

Owner of BlueStar RNB 48" FreeStanding Gas Range

“I'm a certified chef de cuisine and I'm thrilled to have this commercial quality appliance at home. It's like being at work. I'm used to 35,000 BTU per burner at work but I'm impressed with this 15,000 BTU burner and the size of the convection oven for a 30 inch range is also impressive. Great price as well!”

Anthony Kan - Mississauga, Ontario

Owner of BlueStar RCS 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

“This range is incredible. The combination of the burners, cast iron cook-top and a good set of pans create wonderful even heating. The 22,000 BTU Nova burners makes pan seared Steak Frites restaurant quality.”

Kevin Duprey - West Hartford, CT

Owner of BlueStar RNB 48" FreeStanding Gas Range

“Last year, I was building a new home for my father and mother. In their old home, they had a 36" commercial range and loved it because my mother could use full-size baking trays in the oven. When we were deciding what range to use in their new home, we looked at all the major premium brands. None of them were able to fit a full-size baking tray into the 30” ovens on a standard-depth 60" wide model, except for BlueStar. My Mom is loving the range and has made many terrific meals on it. I told them I get to grill the first steaks, so that is yet to come. Thanks for a great product!”

Reed Barlow - Bluffdale, UT

Owner of BlueStar 60" FreeStanding Gas Range (RNB606G)

“We just started using our new Blue Star and love it. The burners are wonderful - they light right up and are very powerful. It is easy to clean and very pretty to look at!"

Christine Silver - South Orange, NJ

Owner of a BlueStar 30” Freestanding Gas Range (RNB304B - Sapphire Blue)

“I just want to tell you what a fantastic piece of equipment this range is. (But you knew that anyway, right?) It was delivered last Friday, by Airs Appliances and I've had a fantastic week cooking on it. I've done brioche, roast chicken, tarte tatin, a flour-less chocolate cake, an upside down honey pear cake, hamburgers with a real restaurant char and soft boiled eggs. Everything has turned out exactly as I wanted it to. Quite a difference from my previous range, where I never knew if the oven was going to maintain temperature from one day to the next. The burners are spot on: I just have to get used to the power of the 22k's. Don't change a thing on this 'big box of fire"! Don't add any bells or whistles or electronic gizmos. It's a great product and I look forward to years of pleasurable cooking on it.

Thank you from a happy cook!”

Sam Gish - Philadelphia, PA

Owner of a BlueStar 36” Freestanding Gas Range (RNB366SS)

“We are enjoying our BlueStar range on a daily basis and always receive compliments on its appearance.”

Steve Irey - Redding, CA

Owner of a BlueStar 48” Freestanding Gas Range with a Griddle (RNB486GSS)

“I must say that I love my BlueStar stove. The super-nova burners are awesome! I looked at all of the major name brand stoves before I settled on yours and have no hesitations saying that it is a remarkable stove.”

Bill Moertel - Charlotte, NC

Owner of a BlueStar 60” Freestanding Gas Range with a Charbroiler (RNB608CBSS)

“I love this range!”

Tania Lee - Whitestone, NY

Owner of a BlueStar 36” Freestanding Gas Range (RNB364CBSS)

“Love the BlueStar range and salamander... have had it for a year and work it hard!”

Douglas Jacoby - Centerville, MA

Owner of a BlueStar 48" Freestanding Gas Range and Salamander

“I love my new BlueStar stove! I wanted anything but stainless. We have a eclectic kitchen - we got rid of the dishwasher and disposal and found this old soapstone sink, the cabinets and ceiling are recycled pressed tin, and yet our lovely new stove fits right in. I bake a lot and it holds so much, I just love it and I love that it's turquoise!”

Janet Lomartire - Boston, MA

Owner of a Turquoise, BlueStar 30" Freestanding Gas Range (RNB304BSS)

“We love our new BlueStar!”

Kenneth Schuemann - Peyton, CO

Owner of a Black, BlueStar 36" RNB Freestanding Gas Range

"My wife and I had been researching gas units for a couple of months. Checked all the blogs and reviews we could find. Was by far the most liked unit out there. Will recommend this product to anyone. THANK YOU Bluestar for such a great product."

Bill Gillam - Conception Bay South, Newfoundland

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RCS 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"I was a professional chef in NY & NJ for many years; choosing a new stove for our new home was my chance to have the oven of my dreams. We came so close to buying one of those other "professional" stoves - until a salesman introduced us to BlueStar. Right away I recognized those burners as the commercial ones I used to cook on. The specs for the oven capacity were just what we were looking for, as my wife is the baker. Full-size sheet pans are standard by us. And my wife noticed right away that she didn't have to bend down as far as other ranges to see what was going on in the oven - she liked that a lot. We are so thankful we found BlueStar - it fits us so well we consider "Blue" a member of the family."

Kenneth Moreau - Matawan, NJ

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RCS 36" FreeStanding Gas Range

"Love it... love the interior oven space, the powerful and responsive burners and its good looks! Excellent value for money. I'll never go back to electric!"

Lise-Ann Jackson - Calgary, Alberta

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RCS 30" FreeStanding Gas Range

"We're definitely enjoying our BlueStar cooktop and wall oven. The ability to control the temperature is unmatched, not to mention that they look great in our new kitchen."

Andrew Walcoff - Atlanta, GA

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar 36" Cooktop & a BlueStar 30" Gas Wall Oven

"We have been using our BlueStar for a month and are delighted with our choice. I made spectacular Yorkshire pudding with a large roast of beef in the convection oven. It is superior to other premium brands. Save your money and buy a BlueStar."

Mark Balcaen - Kenora, Ontario

Owner of a Stainless Steel, BlueStar RCS 30" Free Standing Gas Range

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